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This thought-provoking reflection was posted today by Ruth Hill, a local writer I know slightly.  Very apropros for all of us.

“Hmmm … I am thinking of having to clean out my mother in law’s house when she died. I am thinking about all the people I know who have lamented about cleaning out their parents’ houses, when the parents became incapacitated or passed away prematurely. I am thinking of the elderly who accumulate a lot of stored family junk, and then get too old or sick to take care of anything.

So wouldn’t it be a nice cultural habit if everyone who reached retirement age cleaned out their own house? Encourage offspring to take what is theirs out of the parents’ homes. Encourage parents to sort things:  KEEP, DONATE, RECYCLE, or TRASH. For you younger folk, HELP your parents do this, before it is too late to make their own decisions or do the work.

And those legal problems: have an end of life pre-intention agreement drawn up for hospital care decisions and funeral decisions, so your children don’t have to bear this burden. Have your organ donor decisions ready. There is no sense in avoiding these issues as unsavory. We know for sure: we are born mortal, and no one knows when.There is no way around that, so let’s make it as easy as possible on everyone we leave behind. Have mercy on our poor spouses, who have to deal with heartbreak, along with all these other burdens.

Prepare ahead of time. Later is too late.”

And in addition, here’s a relevant link provided by another writer I know, Franci Louann.   AWOC: Ageing Without Children, is a British organization (meeting in Brighton, dontcha know, near where my aunt lives).




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This is something we all need to do–every day–especially when we are caregiving!
Today you may feel greater compassion for others and want to express yourself in a nurturing manner. It might seem easy for you to take on the challenges of the people around you in order to make their lives more comfortable. While it is important to want to save the world and help others, today you may also need to remember to nurture yourself first. Before giving to others, you can take a few minutes to do a loving-kindness meditation. Focus your attention on yourself, wishing that you will soon find love, peace, and happiness. Then widen this circle of love to include your family and friends, and finally all beings in the world. By doing this meditation you may notice that it becomes easier to truly help others.

Learning to extend compassion to ourselves first and then to others allows us to cultivate true care. When we feel the need to help other people we can easily wear ourselves out unless we make the effort to care for ourselves. We sometimes have the tendency to help other people and hope that we get something back in return, which means that our compassion is tainted by our desire to be needed. By giving ourselves the love we need, however, we provide ourselves with the strength and unconditional love required to selflessly support others. Grounding ourselves in an unlimited source of love and peace lets us give so much more as a result. By practicing loving-kindness meditation today, you will give with a pure heart and increase the effects of your compassionate acts.

Aries Horoscope
August 19, 2017

Daily Om

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I DID IT. I cleared out the rest of the old 2008 – 2011 stuff. Gone, gone, gone! I’m so relieved and liberated. It’s amazing how much the energy in here has changed. I don’t think we realize how easily energy can actually be changed (although since it takes so long to get ourselves going, maybe I ought to be talking about how difficult it is to change energy!).

So not only have I created some new physical space, I’ve also created some mental space, plus some spiritual space. As the physical clutter was removed, so was the mental clutter. Now I’m feeling more focussed and ready to re-implement some of my practices. Talk about connections! lol And since it was a sunny afternoon, I opened the patio door and let in some fresh, new energy. So tonight I’ll smudge, and look forward to a new beginning in my new energy starting tomorrow.

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So I’m a day late (and a dollar short, as my dad would say), but I celebrated today by being on my own and doing things for myself. I’m realizing more and more how sadly lacking is balance in my life and that I must make every effort to reclaim it. First, I did a few chores around the house, generally tidying and cleaning a bit and getting rid of stagnant energy. This afternoon I went to a support group sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Society. It’s led by a woman I truly admire and respect, and even though I’ve attended these sessions before, I love hearing her stories and thus always get something out of them. She is certainly sharing her gifts with the world!

I had a huge box of old bills and receipts from years ago, plus another box of old mail, old bills, receipts, flyers. ALL GONE. I feel terrific. There’s a large black garbage bag sitting next to another large box of already discarded papers, all awaiting my trip to the shredder in a couple of weeks. (I have more to do, but only two more shopping bags plus another box that’s already been sorted once and needs putting away–or not.) The more I have them, the more I love purging parties. 😀 When I’m done–hopefully by the end of tomorrow–I’ll smudge, and welcome the new energy back into my space. Cleaning. Clearing. Calming. BALANCE.

And so in this time of rebirth and renewal, I’m working on renewing myself. I feel as if I’m coming out of a long, deep, stultifying sleep, as if I’m awakening from hibernation. Every day I’m feeling a little more connected to myself again. Certainly this is a time of changing cycles, isn’t it?

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Deep women are often misunderstood because they are extraordinary. They are once in a life time kind of people. Deep women are different. And what makes deep women different is who they are; their big hearts, intelligent minds and kind Spirits.

Their depth itself. People aren’t good at understanding what’s different, they’re not great at embracing it and most importantly, they don’t know how to keep it.

Deep women are misunderstood because they are unusual. They are not like most women out there who give a shit about what people think of them.

They are not afraid of speaking their mind; they are strong-headed, bold, brave.

Deep women are comfortable in their skin. They Love who they are and they own it.

They are self-aware of their strengths and weakness so they are always evolving to better versions of who they are. People might think they would change their essence for someone but the truth is that they are open-minded; open to change, compromise, and personal development.

They have a heart of gold. They don’t judge people and accept them for who they really are. They don’t jump into conclusions about people they’ve just met or people in their life. They believe in second and 99 chances. Deep women don’t give-up on people instead they fight for them until the end.

They see the beauty in people. They fall in Love with their flaws. And because they see the best in people, deep women are called naïve. Their eyes see beauty in what is broken, their hands feel tenderness in what’s damaged.

They feel everything. They feel pain and pleasure. They feel happiness and sadness. They feel confident and they feel insecure. They feel calm and anxious. Deep women are empathic because they feel other people’s feelings. People’s energy becomes theirs. People’s problems become of their own. And because deep women are connected to those around them in such a delicate way, they are seen as “sensitive”,” too emotional”, “too much”.

Deep women are passionate and love life. They adore kids. They are crazy about animals, food, travelling, music and the little things. Their passion for love is mistaken for desperation because they are committed. They pour their heart in everything they do. Their eyes are always glowing. Their positive attitude is often taken as being too enthusiastic or just plain fake.

They are thoughtful. They think about the little and the big things. They feed on details. They look for what is below the surface. They search for the magical side to people that they lock away. Deep women remember everything you tell them because they pay attention not because they want to have some sort of leverage on you when the opportunity presents itself.

They notice things about you that you don’t notice about yourself. They know your quirks like no one else does. They know your favorite things in the world by heart. Deep women are told they are complicated because they over-think while in fact they’re just complex.

Deep women are one of the best things that could ever happen to someone because they present to you a different level of life. A deeper one, a more meaningful one.

They help you fall back in love with who you are and reconnect to the world as a whole. They show you what really matters in life and why it does.

We need more deep women in this world who make life more than a journey; a lifetime dream worth fighting for. Deep women should be celebrated. Their depth should be praised and recognized.

-Farah Ayaad

Embody your Wild Nature

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Home, sweet home–at last!

Finally, finally my house looks like a home! I’m so relieved and happy and excited and grateful, and all I want to do is stay home and look at it. Be in it Revel in it. It’s beautiful and I love it. My sanctuary.

The boxes in my living room have given way to real space. This past couple of weeks, I spent enough time here getting the rest unpacked. Finally, I feel settled—as if this is really home. Everything that’s been put away has been mended and/or cleaned, and I know what I have ‘cos I know where everything is. I’ll be downsizing some more over the next few months, but first I need to revel in the luxury of being unpacked. No piles of boxes everywhere so I can’t move, no baskets of odds and ends on the coffee table, no homeless books teetering in piles on a chair.

One of my favourite things to do is have tea and sit on the swing on my balcony. The maple tree, a gift from a dear friend, and the lilac are lovely. The chocolate plant fell over and broke, but I replanted it, trimmed it right down, and it’s doing well. The other bits and pieces are fine, too—the basil and Thai basil and mint seem to love it. My begonia is flourishing, as is the South African impatiens. In the distance is a bit of the river, and I see trees. To the right is the big bridge. It’s fab at night with lights twinkling like jewels. I only wish I had more time to spend out there. However, I must confess that some mornings I do sit there and read for a while, but have to come in ‘cos it is so hot! The sun is burning! Yikes!

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Hello world!

Yep, my first post.  I don’t quite know what I’m doing yet, or what I’m going to say, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon.

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