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Truly, I’m enjoying the snow. It’s magical and beautiful and makes me happy. Walking in the silent snowflakes under misty streetlights is mysterious and a time to connect with the essence of Nature. Since I’ve been so stuck lately, this has been a perfect time to cocoon and hibernate and spend time with myself.

I’m using this time for me: sleeping when I need to, eating what I want when I want, reading or not, writing or not, watching TV or not, talking to others or not. I’m finding a bit more time to meditate each day. (Thanks again, L Gail Ludwig for Shores of Earth and Spirit’s Nutshell Meditation “Forgive”.) I’m appreciating the Snow Goddess (surely there is one!) I’m clearing out some clutter–sorting and filing last year’s stuff to make way for the new. Smudging. Making mango jam and cupcakes. And slowly but surely I’m finding my way back to myself. This silent, snowy solitude has created a place to hide and heal, to lick the wounds of life and freeze away the pain of disappointments. A poetess I know wrote and posted,

“Just when I needed it
snow came
blanketed homes
and the surrounding streets
with a light-infused calmness
noises vanished
I stopped rushing
darkness disappeared.”

Thank you, Lilija Valis. This is exactly right for me. Since I’ve stopped rushing, I am more aware of Spirit and Self again, and for the first time in a long time I feel more hopeful that my connectivity and creativity are not lost. They’re still there, waiting. They’re just in hibernation. And so I can share part of my own writing from today,

“As the snow melts
so will my indifference,
and, stronger now from living on this island of aloneness
I will step out into the warm wind,
holding my face to the sun.”

I’ve still got a way to go, but I know my feet are starting on the path once more. Perhaps it’s the Feast Day of Aphrodite on February 6–nothing wrong with a little self-love, is there? Or maybe it’s the thoughts of Spring, which surely is hiding, waiting to pop up in a few short weeks. Whatever. It’s all okay.


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Here’s to a happy, happy new year.  Using numerology, 2017 is a One year, a year to start something brand new, something that expresses our uniqueness, that uses our leadership abilities, that opens us to new perspectives. As we leave our old stories behind and write new chapters on the shiny new pages of the coming year, I wish you health, happiness, and an abundance of blessings.

And thus I start paying more attention to my blog … starting soon.  😉


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So in these last few minutes of Christmas Eve 2015, I’d come to turn off the computer before I go to bed. Instead, I got to reading all the warm and wonderful wishes and thoughts of so many friends out there. It makes me feel all cozy inside to know there’s so much love being spread around. I know that it’s not a perfect world. I know that there’s still a war or two blasting away and that people are hating and killing each other even as I write these words. But as I reflect on my day being out and about doing last minute errands, I remember the good feeling as people said “Merry Christmas” to each other, the smiles as people told me about going home to families or friends tonight and tomorrow, the laughter as they said they weren’t quite ready and hadn’t done as much as they’d planned–but “oh, well”.


I had two happy visits out at some friends’ houses, sharing cookies and tea and stories and hugs and good wishes with each other. I received some terrific gifts. I had a delicious dinner with other friends, then attended a beautifully moving church service at the heritage Olivet Baptist Church, where a white-haired man plays traditional carols on a pipe organ and the people tell the Christmas story of old. It’s not so much that I believe in all of this–after all, we know that historically and scientifically Christmas and the baby Jesus being born in a manger couldn’t have happened this way–but somehow that doesn’t matter. It’s all about hearing the treasured familiar words, the traditions and the coming together of people in harmony, singing out the love and that glorious song of old, the momentary belief when we are all thinking about peace on earth. And maybe, just for that moment, there really is peace on earth. And it’s a wonderful life.

Blessings to you all at this most wonderful time of the year. I am so grateful to have so many kind and generous and loving friends.

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Christmas Past

11:11 on Christmas night 2015. Must be a magic time–a time to reflect on all the good things that happened today. I spent the day with Mum, making more memories, just the two of us. We enjoyed Christmas cookies (I baked zillions yesterday) and tea this afternoon. Dinner was tofurky with all the yummy trimmings. We watched my favourite Christmas movie, “Miracle on 34th Street”–the original one with Maureen Ohara and Edmund Gwenn and a very young Natalie Wood. I left Mum watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

And now at home alone at last, I remember many Christmases over the years: times spent with all the Oetheimers–Shirley Oetheimer, Susan Oethiemer, Sandy Purcha-Oetheimer, Peter and Michael, and later on their kids–Cristal Michelle Oetheimer-Bertrand and Kevin Oetheimer and Joey Oetheimer and Danny Daniel Oetheimer and so on. The Nelsons, the Zeises with Heidi Fargo and Helga and Rolf. Pia McNabb. Sometimes there were 30 of us, with heaps of food Mum had slaved over, served on sheet-covered trestle tables stretching from one end of our dining room through the living room. I recall the oohs and aahs as we carried in flaming Christmas puddings. Mum was the only one who made them. In my memory, I hear Daddy and Uncle Hermann playing Christmas carols on the harmonicas while we all sang and watched the Christmas tree candles, especially “Stille Nacht”. I remember the snow. What wonderful family gatherings we had! I’m so happy to have these memories to decorate my heart, for I sorely miss the ones who are no longer with us, especially Daddy and Uncle Hermann.

Little prayer be on your way–bless all my friends on Christmas Day. xo

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Spring Thinking

2013 04 22 cherry blossoms.jpgSpring is springing and the cherry blossoms are magnificent.  The daffy-down-dillys are fading, but tulips are trumpeting and there’s a warmth in the air.  I always think it’s sad that the gentlest, most delicate flowers are the ones that come when April showers beat them mercilessly.

I’ve had a couple of special, quiet days at home and have created new webspace for myself.  It’s a total departure from my previous personal sites, which highlight my pet family and my webwork.  Here I settle into my new life as artist, healer, medium.  And writer.  Maybe.  😀

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toadstool-dance-2Well, there we were:  renovicted from our home of 15 years.  This move was the worst ever.  EVER.

First of all, I didn’t find out until the eve of December 19th that this apartment in my mum’s building had come available ‘cos the original people decided not to take it after all. Big suite, pet friendly, right location, right price, right view, with a huge balcony. But after that, too many things went wrong: my phone and internet were cut off earlier than it was supposed to be, and not re-connected at the new location until days later, so no one could contact me except through my mum (not the easiest at the best of times). Some people weren’t able to help after all because of sickness and Christmas busy-ness or whatever. I mean, who in their right mind moves at Christmas?!?!?!? Mind you, a couple of folks turned up unexpectedly and we moved over a pickup truck load the day before, which was a bonus.

In any case, I still didn’t have nearly enough time to do everything beforehand, so I wasn’t nearly ready when the movers arrived on December 30th; we were still packing around them as they were lugging out furniture. IKEA hadn’t come with bookcases as planned on the 27th; they’d brought *eight* bookcase doors and the bed only, and after that they kept saying they’d be there the next day … and the next … and the next but weren’t. I spent many hours on the phone and at the store trying to get all this sorted, but the consequence was that the books and stuff we’d planned to unpack into the bookcases were still in the middle of the floor when the movers arrived here with the furniture, so they had to pack all the boxes out on to the balcony to make room. Therefore, we didn’t have enough boxes, but fortunately the movers had a few extra. Obviously, this all cost me at least a couple of hours’ extra work, and ultimately the move was far more expensive than budgeted for. The movers were terrific, tho’ they did break the smoked glass door on my wall unit, and that’s got to be replaced:  more unexpected expenses. Plus, stuff I didn’t mean to move here arrived, while other stuff I’d like to have kept went to the dump.

On top of everything, the Bayside manager told me that despite the fact no one was moving in after me, we had to be out by 1 p.m. on Dec 31, losing me a whole afternoon/evening, AND I had to clean–not the carpets, but windows and bathroom and appliances!!! I told him to grab a brain–The place is being renovated (that’s why I was moving, remember?), and since carpets were being removed and cupboards torn out and appliances removed, I wasn’t going to clean windows and stuff before this all happened, and then he’d be cleaning them again afterwards. How stupid was that? Naturally, we left the place in good order although we didn’t clean, but he did tell me I’d get my damage deposit back. (I did.)

And on top of all that, starting Boxing Day I developed a head cold , and got sicker and sicker and tireder and tireder as the week went on, but I did get here. The first week of January I spent at Mum’s ‘cos I had a stomach bug, so did absolutely nothing here for most of the week. I’ve slept here only twice thus far ‘cos everything’s been such a turmoil.

I don’t know what I’d have done without two friends in particular–they just kept going and going, and kept ME going as well. How wonderful they both were!!–and are!!!!

But now I can unpack at my leisure, which is a good thing, ‘cos at the moment I’m beyond tired. I know I made some poor decisions because I was so overwhelmed at times, but I did the best I could. And I’m so glad to be out of Bayside’s building!!! They treated us extremely shabbily, and created a horrible nightmare for many people.

I’m not doing anything particular or going anywhere especially in the next while, ‘cos I’m going to be creating a new, happier, beautiful home for myself. The old year ended not so well, and the beginning of 2015 was a bit jerky, but I’m on my way now!! Happy new year 2015, one and all!


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Fall musings


So here it is, Fall 2014.  The trees have put on their flaming orange and red party dresses for us, and it’s sunny days and frosty mornings–and rainy, sometimes, too.  Typical November in Vancouver.

Only 34 days until Christmas 2014 … !! 😮

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