Fascinating article here about risk factors.  New research is indicating that hearing loss is a predictor, which is not surprising when one thinks about it.


These are the 9 risk factors for dementia that you probably didn’t know about


Fascinating blog about Highly Sensitive People.  It’s probably not what you’d expect.


How can one possibly get so tired, be tired, stay tired, and yet keep on going?  I am absolutely worn out, inside and out, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I’m doing a job I didn’t ask for, don’t want, and in some respects am not very good at.  Nursing was never on my list of career choices; I’m a teacher and an organizer and an administrator.  So what have I ended up doing?  Organizing stuff for Mum:  her medical care, her home needs, her shopping, her appointments, our entertainment.  Constant follow ups. My to-do lists often have at least 18 items listed; usually, about 12 of them are for her.  And because people keep telling me I need to take care of myself and do things for myself, I’m trying to have my own life–not that I’ve time for painting or writing or visiting or doing nothing (golly, doing nothing would be my first choice of what to do)–and keep my own household running smoothly.  I assure you, it isn’t.  My living room is a tip.  Filing and mail are stacked up in my office yet again.  I’m ‘way behind on answering emails.  Most days my bed gets made, but dirty laundry piles up and the day’s clothing doesn’t get put away.  Clean laundry simply goes through the wear-it-and-wash-it-again cycle.  Dust is evident nearly everywhere.  But my bathroom is always clean, the litter boxes scooped, and most days I get the dishes done plus the counters cleared (mainly ‘cos I don’t do much cooking here).  And a true joy is having a freshly made bed to fall into at night, usually later than is desirable.

My ideal weekend would be tea with toast and TV or a good book in a freshly made bed to start the day.  Sunshine so that I can sit on the balcony with a cup of tea and read a super, well-written novel.  No phone calls to make, except to friends, if I want to.  Just my cats and me.  Nowhere to have to go, unless I want to.  No rushing anywhere.  Time to meditate.  A nap in the afternoon.  Long showers.  Good food, well prepared, eaten slowly and mindfully.  More reading, perhaps with some gentle music (birds singing and water soothing) in the background.  A good movie in bed.  No having to get up the next morning unless I want to. Starting the next day with tea and toast and a good book in bed … sunshine on on the balcony … more reading, more good food, more tea, more music, more meditation.  And then to do it all over again the next day, and the next.  A whole week.  Sigh.  Ain’t gonna happen.   Not for a long, long time.

This is a timely and noteworthy article.  We need to take/make the opportunity to make end of life as comfortable as possible for everyone.  It will come to us all.

In BC, Caregiving Takes Toll on Finances, Career, Health

One million British Columbians are caring for friends or family — and paying a price because of inadequate supports.

By Linda Givetash 27 Oct 2016 | TheTyee.ca Linda Givetash is a Vancouver-based journalist reporting on health and human rights across Canada and around the globe.



As memory fades

Today Mum forgot her address.  I’d gone downstairs to get supper ready and told her I’d noted she’d phoned me several times throughout the afternoon while I was out but had left only one message.  She was in good spirits when I arrived, seeming quite clear, but she said she’d needed my phone number so she was calling me to check it.  She couldn’t remember my address, either, she said, starting to get a tad panicky.  As I could see her confusion and wasn’t sure whether she actually meant my phone number or my address, I told her both my suite number and her suite number, with our street address.  Then she said she wouldn’t remember anyway, and started rather frantically looking for paper to write on, so I suggested we do it later ‘cos it was time for dinner.  Easily distracted, she seemed satisfied.

Going into the kitchen to check on dinner, I was truly sad.  Certainly her short term memory has been diminishing for some time—tell her something, like the day or date or when her next home helper is coming, and a while later she’ll ask again.  Or she repeats something she’s just told me.  Several times.  But it seems lately simple things are getting more difficult for her to remember, even things she’s known for a long time.  Like her address.  She’s never been particularly good with numbers; it’s a standing family joke that she can’t remember phone numbers, but my phone number at least was one she’d never had to look up.  I’ll be writing the contact info for both of us on a sheet of paper and taping it to the wall beside her bed.  That solves the immediate problem, but of course can’t make up for the fact that this is yet another example of her fading memory.

Sometimes it’s okay for me; other times, it’s most frustrating.  I don’t usually mind if she repeats herself.  I don’t usually mind if she can’t instantly recall the day or the date or the home helper.  I didn’t mind about this.  But when she asks me a question about how to do something and I find myself explaining it over and over, it becomes painful for me and often I give up in frustration.  I notice that she can manage one or two or three steps, but anything more complicated is no longer retained.  She’s started asking, “What do I do next?” when she’s getting up to come into the living room or go to the bathroom.  These are the same routines she’s been doing for months, but no longer are they simple, automatic procedures for her.  Ah, me. This is so difficult to see.

And I know there is worse to come.  Sigh.

… creating balance!

I DID IT. I cleared out the rest of the old 2008 – 2011 stuff. Gone, gone, gone! I’m so relieved and liberated. It’s amazing how much the energy in here has changed. I don’t think we realize how easily energy can actually be changed (although since it takes so long to get ourselves going, maybe I ought to be talking about how difficult it is to change energy!).

So not only have I created some new physical space, I’ve also created some mental space, plus some spiritual space. As the physical clutter was removed, so was the mental clutter. Now I’m feeling more focussed and ready to re-implement some of my practices. Talk about connections! lol And since it was a sunny afternoon, I opened the patio door and let in some fresh, new energy. So tonight I’ll smudge, and look forward to a new beginning in my new energy starting tomorrow.

Clearing space …

So I’m a day late (and a dollar short, as my dad would say), but I celebrated today by being on my own and doing things for myself. I’m realizing more and more how sadly lacking is balance in my life and that I must make every effort to reclaim it. First, I did a few chores around the house, generally tidying and cleaning a bit and getting rid of stagnant energy. This afternoon I went to a support group sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Society. It’s led by a woman I truly admire and respect, and even though I’ve attended these sessions before, I love hearing her stories and thus always get something out of them. She is certainly sharing her gifts with the world!

I had a huge box of old bills and receipts from years ago, plus another box of old mail, old bills, receipts, flyers. ALL GONE. I feel terrific. There’s a large black garbage bag sitting next to another large box of already discarded papers, all awaiting my trip to the shredder in a couple of weeks. (I have more to do, but only two more shopping bags plus another box that’s already been sorted once and needs putting away–or not.) The more I have them, the more I love purging parties. 😀 When I’m done–hopefully by the end of tomorrow–I’ll smudge, and welcome the new energy back into my space. Cleaning. Clearing. Calming. BALANCE.

And so in this time of rebirth and renewal, I’m working on renewing myself. I feel as if I’m coming out of a long, deep, stultifying sleep, as if I’m awakening from hibernation. Every day I’m feeling a little more connected to myself again. Certainly this is a time of changing cycles, isn’t it?